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XQ1250 Norsok offshore generator



50 / 60 Hz
Prime power
400/230 I 480/277 V
Prime power capacity 1
1000 / 1137 kVA
800 / 910 kW
Output 2
1445 / 1369 A
Breaker 4P
1600 A
Internal fuel tank
1190 L
Fuel consumption 2
162/175 I 198/210 L/hr
Fuel type
Diesel, GTL, HVO
Running time
7 / 6 hr
Dimensions [LxWxH]
6058 x 2438 x 2590 mm
Weight (without fuel) 4
18140 kg
Weight (incl. fuel) 4
19152 kg
Sound level 5
73.9 / 76.8 dB(A)
Remote monitoring

Details are given for guidance only

  1. Performance data quoted in accordance with ISO 8528-1
  2. Amps 50Hz at 400V, 60Hz at 480V
  3. Fuel consumption measured at 75% load. Fuel density is 850 G/L
  4. Includes oil and coolant, excludes slings. (including offshore frame on XQ250 and XQ500)
  5. Sound levels given at 75% prime power load 50 Hz at 7m, Sound data 60 hz is estimated 2 dBa more then 50 hz based on bare engine data

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