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Working together like never before

What makes us different from other rental companies?

It’s not the energy in our solutions that makes the difference – it’s the energy in our people. We work together to ensure the best possible solution for your business, and we always puts the customers needs first. At Pon Energy Rental we have a strong team mentality and we always help each other out to achieve our common goals. We take responsibility for our job, and we work with passion, confidence, responsibility and joy.

At Pon Energy Rental, we encourage and support open communication, collaboration, and teamwork. We strive to create an inclusive culture where individuals can thrive both personally and professionally. We prioritize providing equal opportunities, career development, and advancement for all employees, regardless of their background.

We are proud of our commitment to inclusion and diversity and recognize that it is an ongoing journey. We continuously strive to listen, learn, and improve, ensuring that our workplace developes an inclusive and welcoming environment for all people. Join us at Pon Energy Rental, and become part of a team that values and celebrates the diversity of our workforce and the customers we serve. Together, we can drive positive change and achieve great results.


Why Pon Energy Rental

At Pon Energy Rental, we consider our employees to be the driving force behind our business. Our company is a dynamic and forward-thinking in the energy rental industry, and we are always on the lookout for talented individuals who share our passion for great energy rental solutions. Joining our team means becoming part of a family of dedicated professionals who are committed to delivering high quality service to our customers.

We promote a positive and collaborative work culture, where everyone’s opinion matters. Our team members are encouraged to share their ideas, contributions, and innovative solutions, creating a work atmosphere that inspires creativity and professional growth. We believe in cultivating a supportive environment that encourages personal development, teamwork, and open communication among all employees.


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The values of Pon

We are a Pon company, a family-owned business. Pon has a positive impact on our work environment and we are inspired by the values of our parent company. These are:

Make it fun

At Pon, enjoying your job is a serious business! We’re open, informal, and cheerful. We allow everyone to be who they are.

Passion to perform

We share a passion to perform. We focus on real results. We finish what we start, and we go that extra mile. We don’t give up.

Trust to act

We’re trusted to do a good job, and we deliver it. We use that freedom to apply our talents and qualities for the best results.

Care and act responsibly

We’re responsible for all our actions, and we consider the consequences for our stakeholders and the environment. We’re honest, open, and direct.

“The best thing about working at Pon Energy Rental is the colleagues, we have a lot of fun working together.”

Chrisander Kamsvåg Service & Maintenance Engineer

‘Make it fun’ is one of the four key values of Pon. And it is so true! I enjoy going to work every day.

Marieke Maas Sales Engineer

The thing I am most proud of is our service-oriented culture, we go the extra mile.

Maike Denissen Business Development Manager

The job is very educational and exciting because there are new projects all the time, and solving customer challenges in a quick and effective way is a lot of fun.

Magnus Amundsen Sales Engineer

I enjoy my job at Pon Energy Rental a lot, there is never a boring day.

Isabelle Sundin Marketing & Communication Coordinator





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