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Renting power or temperature control can reduce downtime and adjust for seasonal peaks

These seasonal peaks can expose the industry to unnecessarily high costs, as well as subjecting equipment to greater stress over periods of time than necessary. With temperature control, you can smooth out the peaks so that you maintain the desired temperature over time.

Industry needs uninterrupted power and temperature control. Our solutions can reduce the risk of downtime, increase capacity, and compensate for seasonal peaks. This will save the industry both costs and wear and tear.

We are proud to be part of the Caterpillar network, which ensures that we can deliver high quality solutions and services to the industry. In addition, this means that we always have experienced and skilled technicians and required components within reach when needed. In this way, we can always deliver the necessary services and equipment to the industry.

With us, you will also experience a strong focus on safety at every stage. We design solutions that comply with the safety standards and requirements that apply in the industry. We also have a strong focus on safety in the delivery/design of our services, investing in our engineers and in training young talents. Should a problem arise, we have 24/7 service available for all our customers.

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Our starting point for every project is to understand your exact needs in detail. So we’ll sit down with you, ask intelligent questions and listen carefully to your answers until we do.

Wide range of CAT equipment

Caterpillar is renowned for its diesel engines. We’re proud to have its dealership, which ensures high-quality solutions and services.

Compliance with safety standards

Everyone’s safety matters to us. We design applications that conform to the highest safety standards. Our solutions comply with all regulations and certifications.

Highly qualified technicians

Our engineers have a high level of expertise and education. We put effort into retaining experienced technicians and invest in the training of young talent.

Worldwide coverage

Every project starts with our sincere desire to understand your needs. We will sit down with you and continue to ask questions until we know your exact requirements.

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How can we help you?

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We know what’s important to you. We provide you with an expert’s advice so you can make the right redarding for your solution. And because our technical experts have the unique knowledge and experience to develop.

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