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The right solution to power your business

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Are you looking for temporary high-quality power solutions or temperature control solutions? Let us take care of it.

We believe that well begun is half done. We take the time to prepare for the challenges you face. After the initial conversation with our sales engineers, we involve our applications team to discuss the technical requirements of your project. Our applications team consists of highly qualified engineers who have many years of experience in power and temperature control solutions. Together with you, we create the solution that best fits your needs.

If required, we’ll schedule a meeting and a site visit to obtain a clear picture of your needs and situation.

In addition to taking care of the technical side of each project, we offer various services that make your life easier, such as remote monitoring and fuel management. We also have a 24/7 emergency service in case you need support. Our team has got your back during the entire project.

Our rental solutions


Whether you are looking for emergency or primary power, want a reliable back-up solution or need to perform a load test, we’re here to help.

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Do you need a reliable heating solution to support your industrial process or to control the climate in your location? We can give you advice.

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Perhaps you’re looking for emergency cooling, or seasonal or project support. Whatever your demands, we’ve got it covered with our air and water cooling solutions.

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We can use our products in many different kind of applications. Here you can read about different kind of applications, the benefits and how they work.

Peak shaving

Peak shaving involves temporarily reducing the power consumption of commercial and industrial users during peak times by using an external power source.

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A microgrid is a local, delimited transmission grid that can be disconnected from the overlying grid when needed or desired, and continue to be operated with locally produced or stored energy.

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Load sharing

In simple terms, load sharing is the process by which a plant operates multiple generators simultaneously. Technically, load sharing is the proportional distribution of active and reactive power between sets of generators.

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Load on demand

Load on demand is a type of load sharing, where you choose to distribute the total power demand over several smaller units instead of one large generator.

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Our way of working

We always factor in a wide variety of aspects when we create a solution – and they include the four essential elements you see here. Our goal is to make your life easier and offer a solution that fits all your needs.


We’re here for you, whether you need remote monitoring, 24/7 service, fuel management or a contingency plan.


Our experienced application engineers are involved in the project from the start. This ensures we consider all possible options so we can offer you the best solution.


Everyone’s safety matters to us. We design applications that conform to the highest safety standards. Our solutions comply with all regulations and certifications.


We have a responsibility to make a difference. It doesn’t matter what your challenge is: we always strive to create the best solution for you by taking into account sustainability, reliability and your economic situation.

Why our clients rate us as 9.3

Pon Energy Rental has proven to be a very proactive supplier who has met the customer's needs in a very good way. Pon Energy Rental has been a decisive factor in the project being a success. Pon Energy Rental's ability to deliver the right equipment and the right expertise in a safe and efficient way has impressed us.

Mr. Hans Inge Hatlevik Task Force Leader at Oseberg sør, Equinor

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