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Air-to-air heat pump 100



Cooling capacity 1
101.6 kW
Heating capacity 2
104.5 kW
Power Supply (+/- 10%)
Power connection
CEE 125A (5-pole)
Power protection
125 A
EER cooling
2.60 W
COP heating
3.15 W
Air hose connection supply air
800 mm
Air hose connection re-circulation air
800 mm
Air flow
23 650 m³/hr
Remote monitoring
Max. Starting current
217 A
Lowest ambient temp. Cooling
0 °C
Lowest ambient temp. Heating
-12 °C
Forklift pockets
Long sides
Transport frame dimensions [LxWxH]
5280 x 2482 x 2382
Full operational weight
3275 kg
Sound pressure @ 10 m
45 dB(A)

Details are given for guidance only. Exact equipment may vary according to geographical location and availability.

  1. Based on mixed air: 70% return air 27°C / RH 50% and 30% ambient air 35°C / RH 50%
  2. Based on mixed air: 70% return air 20°C / RH 50% and 30% ambient air 7°C / RH 87%

The majority of our rental solutions are equipped with remote monitoring.

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