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Sustainability empowers us to power your business!


We all want a more sustainable economy. Using our resources wisely and efficiently means future generations will have a world to live in. We see it as our responsibility to make our own contribution to a greener world.  


At Pon Energy Rental, we design solutions with the following aspects in mind: 

  • We select energy sources that have the least impact on the environment.  
  • Our power solutions include green options like batteries.  
  • We also offer stage 5 low emission generators that can use alternative fuels. 
  • We apply power management to decrease emissions and increase energy efficiency. 
  • The majority of our TC units are all-electric. 
  • Our TC units use an environmentally friendly coolant such as R32. 

Pon values

We are a Pon company, a family-owned business. Pon has a positive impact on our work environment and we are inspired by the values of our parent company. These are:

  • Our approach
  • Sustainable solutions  
  • Power management

We aim to provide our customers with sustainable rental solutions. Of course, we do this without compromising our promise to deliver the energy our customers need.

When we partner with you, we first sit down to discuss your needs. We work with you until we have found the solution that best fits your power or temperature control requirements. We then look at sustainability options. More often than not, we can use a sustainable setup that reduces emissions and fuel consumption. Alternatively, we create solutions with a higher energy efficiency.  

It is important to note that sustainable solutions, rather than being more expensive, can actually help to reduce costs because of their fuel usage reduction. 


Caterpillar’s new generator technology is fully stage 5 compliant* combining low emissions with low fuel consumption. The engines are equipped with the latest catalysator technique combined with an active particle filter system.
We have developed a battery container with a capacity of 350 kWh which can be used from 208 to 690V, 50 and 60 Hz. The batteries can be used both for off-grid and on-grid solutions, stand-alone and in a hybrid configuration with a generator and in solar and wind configurations. This battery is ideally suited for microgrid applications. 


Temperature control 

Pon Energy Rental has introduced allelectric heat pumps for delivering warm and cold air to (temporary) structures to provide a comfortable climate.

Our state of the art electrical cooling towers deliver liquid cooling by using ambient air resulting in reduced electricity costs.
Our brand-new range of electrical chillers combines high-energy efficiency with a more sustainable refrigerant. 

When a power solution requires multiple generators for the same supply, we use various methods to increase energy efficiency and decrease emissions. Our built-in power management control systems can operate in two different ways. 

  • ‘Load Sharing,’ is one method where generators are synchronized together to deliver a larger capacity. They cooperate in limiting inefficiencies in engine performance while monitoring your daily power demand. This results in a reduction of fuel consumption and emissions. 
  • ‘Load on demand’ is a method that only uses generators based on your power use. This way, fewer engines are running. This drastically reduces engine use and thus fuel emissions for the duration of your project. 

Instead of synchronizing generators, we can include batteries in the application. The battery is programmed to monitor your power demand and it only uses the generator to boost or charge the unit when needed.  

We are convinced that the future of power is green. This does not lead to compromised power solutions and in many cases even results in cost reduction. While the demands of our customers are leading, our sustainable solutions offer all the power they may need.