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Midgardsblot, a metal festival like no other, has been captivating heavy metal music enthusiasts and Viking culture enthusiasts for years. This extraordinary gathering takes place in the heart of South Norway, surrounded by breathtaking landscapes and folklore-rich history.

Norway Power Events
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Battery power at Stavernfestivalen

The festival offers the best local artists in Norway and international artists. The festival needs a lot of power distributed to several locations since the festival area is approximately 80 000 square meters.

Norway Power Events
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Battery power at Paradise City

Paradise City required a power solution to power the festival and the campsite, with as less emissions as possible and naturally without compromising on quality and reliability.

Belgium Power Events
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RAW AIR Vikersund

Raw Air is a prestigious ski jumping tournament held annually in Vikersund, Norway. The event draws thousands of spectators from around the world and requires a reliable power solution to keep operations running smoothly.  

Norway Power Events
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Holmenkollen ski festival

Holmenkollen ski festival is one of our recurring projects, and one of Norway’s biggest ski events that is a part of the cross-country world cup.

Norway Power Events
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Back-up power for fishing industry

Klettur, a local Caterpillar dealer in Iceland reached out to us because they had a customer who were in need of back-up power.

Power Industry
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