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offshore platform

When you really need safety to come standard

For the offshore industry, Pon Energy Rental offers solutions that meet the highest standards of safety and reliability. Therefore, our equipment incorporates a variety of safeguards, such as fire, gas, smoke and high-temperature detection. We supply the complete oil & gas chain from exploration to drilling the oil or gas well, to extraction and beyond. We provide offshore equipment for backup power, prime power and emergency power on oil rigs, for FSO (Floating Storage & Offloading) and FPSO (Floating Production, Storage and Offloading) vessels and for decommissioning.


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Why our clients rate us as 9.3

Pon Energy Rental has proven to be a very proactive supplier who has met the customer's needs in a very good way. Pon Energy Rental has been a decisive factor in the project being a success. Pon Energy Rental's ability to deliver the right equipment and the right expertise in a safe and efficient way has impressed us.

Mr. Hans Inge Hatlevik Task Force Leader at Oseberg sør, Equinor

What we offer

Our starting point for every project is to understand your exact needs in detail. So we’ll sit down with you, ask intelligent questions and listen carefully to your answers until we do.

Wide range of CAT equipment

Caterpillar is renowned for its diesel engines. We’re proud to have its dealership, which ensures high-quality solutions and services.

Compliance with safety standards

Everyone’s safety matters to us. We design applications that conform to the highest safety standards. Our solutions comply with all regulations and certifications.

Highly qualified technicians

Our engineers have a high level of expertise and education. We put effort into retaining experienced technicians and invest in the training of young talent.

Extensive coverage

We are part of the global Caterpillar dealership. As a result, experienced technicians and required components are always nearby and available when you need them.

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We know what’s important to you. We provide you with an expert’s advice so you can make the right redarding for your solution. And because our technical experts have the unique knowledge and experience to develop.

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Why our clients rate us as 9.3

The fantastic team at Pon Energyst have helped us out in the end. We have saddled them with some impossible tasks and they have delivered everything we asked for.

Zoë Sugg Projectmanager at Company BRAND

Our rental solutions


Whether you are looking for emergency or primary power, want a reliable back-up solution or need to perform a load test, we’re here to help.

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