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Power to submarine

Not only boats and ships need shore power, submarines need power too. 

A submarine, located in a port near Bergen, Norway, needed shore power. We supplied a 275 kVA and 500 kVA generator in synchronization mode, including an external diesel tank. Our generators were used to charge the battery in the submarine, which requires a minimum of 600 kVA of power.

The delivery of our rental units took place on a Friday, and the customer request came in earlier the same week. Our engineer commissioned the generators and gave the customer training on how to use them so that they could take care of charging the battery themselves over the weekend. The installation was dismantled again on Monday.

The sets were returned to our depot for an electrical inspection, a standard procedure we perform to ensure the units are working properly and ready for the next job.

With this type of project, time between order and delivery is limited due to safety restrictions. This requires flexibility and rapid deployment.

About this project

  • Shore power 
  • Rapid deployment  
  • Generators in sync 

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