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Offshore power solution for Red-D-Arc

Red-D-Arc Welderentals leases welders, welding positioners and welding-related equipment. They required an offshore power solution during the decommissioning of gas platforms Kinsale Alfa and Kinsale Beta, at the South coast of Ireland.  

We delivered two 1250kVA NORSOK generators, an offshore fuel tank of 8,000L and 990m of cables to power their welding equipment. The rental units were equipped with gas detection units, alarm systems, a fire extinguishing system and Roxtec blocks to ensure watertight cable entry.  

Remote monitoring was provided during this project, which enabled both the customer and our technical teams to monitor and control the temporary installation 24/7.  

The project was completed successfully after a period of three months. 

About this project

  • Offshore power  
  • NORSOK Z-015 
  • Decommissioning project 

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