Temporary cooling for Dow

Dow is a company active in the petrochemical industry. They deliver solutions for customers in packaging, infrastructure and consumer care. In their production process cooling is a vital element. In addition to their fixed cooling plants they require additional capacity during spring and summertime to keep their production on a maximum output. 

We deliver two air-cooled chillers with a capacity of 1MW in total. The units are equipped with an internal pump which distributes chilled water via a network of flexible hoses. The installation is connected to the customer’s control room and can be monitored remotely to make sure the solutions runs 24/7. 

Since both production levels and weather conditions fluctuate over the years, we provide a scalable set-up for this application. This gives the customer the required flexibility to support the production process. 

About this project

  • Temporary cooling solution 
  • Scalable set-up 
  • Maximum production output 


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