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Minimize downtime with a contingency plan

What do you do if the power grid fails? In the event of a power outage, a good contingency plan and a reliable supplier are essential to minimize downtime. It’s important to have a contingency plan in the event of a power grid failure for all critical facilities such as hospitals and power grids.  

At Pon Energy Rental, we offer contingency plans for power, heating and cooling and have engineers available 24/7 in the event of an emergency. Our engineers are experienced and can provide guidance over the phone, and they will visit the location if the problem needs to be solved on site by us.  

Pon Energy Rental has in total four depots, one in The Netherlands and three in Norway. In Norway the depots are situated in Drammen, Egersund and Trondheim. With four depots in total where we have equipment and engineers available at each depot, we can quickly dispatch both equipment and personnel in case of emergency. Our solutions can be used both onshore and offshore, and we supply emergency power to grid suppliers all over Belgium, The Netherlands and Norway. With our long experience, you can rest assured that we deliver a good solution when you need it.  


We have three different types of contingency plans, below you can read about what they contain.    


  • Equipment located at the end user’s premises  

The generator will be connected and on standby. You can choose to start it manually when needed, or to install a main controller in the existing control panel. This controller will then monitor the power grid and if the ordinary power supply becomes unstable or fails, the generator will automatically start and take over the load demand. In such a scenario, we will have routines for periodic testing and maintenance of the equipment. For heating and cooling solutions, we can offer the same solution, with machines connected and on standby. If the end user’s internal heating or cooling system fails or if more capacity is needed, our equipment will start. 


  • Equipment package on standby  

Pon Energy Rental can customize a package of generators, heating and cooling equipment, diesel tanks and necessary cables that can be kept on standby either at the nearest depot or at a location chosen by the customer. We can help prepare a contingency plan for each location based on an inspection that identifies needs, connection options and other variables so that you can be in place as quickly as possible. This will also include detailed information about contact persons, addresses and other relevant information that makes it easy for both the customer to order, and the engineer to install. This will ensure that downtime is minimized.  


  • Regular rental of equipment  

Should unannounced equipment needs arise, we have four depots in total. One in The Netherlands and three in Norway. This enables us to meet most needs with a short response time without a formal agreement. At times we have a high demand and cannot guarantee availability, but we will do our best to find a solution that meets your needs. 

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