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Extra power to waste management plant

Our customer, active in waste management, opened a new plant. Due to a lack of infrastructure of the national power grid, they reached out for a reliable and customized power solution for a duration of minimum 6 months 

We provided 6x 500kVA generators and 2x 20,000L fuel tanks including remote monitoring, by the load on demand principle. With this method we deliver scalable energy to meet fluctuating demands. The units are synchronized and only step in when power need increases. This energy efficient solution results in less use of fossil fuels. 

Custom designed chimneys are installed on top of the units. To ensure safety and road clearance, we arranged cable protection and a cable bridge. The installation is equipped with remote monitoring which allows us to monitor and control various indicators every minute of the day.  

We’ve also included a redundant DEIF Mains controller to eliminate the risk of downtime. This enables us to stay in control over the powerplant, also in unforeseen circumstances. In case any issue might occur, we are available 24/7. 

We delivered an energy efficient and customized power application, with less use of fossil fuels and a minimum risk of downtime. 


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About this project

  • Temporary power solution 
  • Load on demand 
  • Minimized risk of downtime 

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