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Back-up power at data centers

Our customer in Norway, who runs various data centers, needed help with testing of their back-up generators to make sure that they deliver enough power in case of a power shutdown in the grid.  

We carried out a load test to check performance of their generators, with a 6MW load bank on one location and 2x3MW load banks at the second facility. 

The customer had also invested in new back-up generators, but due to long delivery times they needed a temporary and flexible solution that we provided them with. By providing 1×1500 kVA, 1×2000 kVA and a 20K L fuel tank we were able to fulfill the customer’s needs for a qualitative back-up solution. 

In data centers both power and cooling are critical. A data center cannot afford a shutdown and therefore always needs a reliable and efficient back-up solution. We can provide customized back-up power and cooling solutions, including remote monitoring and fuel management if required. In case of an emergency, we are available 24/7.

About this project

  • Load bank testing 
  • Back-up power 
  • Critical environment 

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